HIGH STRESS JOB PHOTO SHIELD COACHING

What is a high stress job? There are several lists of “the most stressful jobs”, here are some examples:

Enlisted soldier, police officer, fireman, correctional officer, air traffic controller, surgeon, anaesthesiologist, nuclear reactor operator, pilot, miner, registered nurse, IT support, teacher, paramedic/EMT, call centre operator, emergency room physician, social worker,journalist,trader, businessman,sport coach, hotel front desk agent, claims adjuster,chef,railway engineer, small business owner,broker,childcare provider, freelance musician, customer service worker, payroll/HR…and let’s not forget “ unpaid jobs”: a housewife, a parent…

The job titles were not listed in a particular order and the list is not exhaustive, just some examples of professions commonly considered stressful for a variety of reasons. No organisation is free from occupational hazards, so risk assessment and prevention is vital for every workplace. Usually we talk about high stress jobs because there are unavoidable risk factors linked directly to the profession. For example, police have a high risk job compared to many others due to the nature of their work: constant exposure to danger, high demands, shift work…

We specialize in coaching people with high stress jobs, but also people who have a toxic workplace. A pleasant working environment can turn into hell if there is no stress awareness, and harassment or organizational problems are taboo subjects. Stress management starts with identifying of sources of stress. Coaching can help you if you decided to address your problems and improve your quality of life.

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