The cost of stress? Let’s count: absenteeism, decreased productivity, workers’ compensation costs, disability…There’s even higher price to pay: a wave of suicides in your company, burnout of your workers, violence, depression. If you are aware of stress in your organisation you know that as a leader you have not only a legal but also a moral duty to take care for health and safety of your employees.

With more than 14 years of experience in corporate world we understand that every company has specific needs and we offer tailor made products and services. If you need to implant an occupational risk prevention system, measures for elimination of psychosocial risks we can help you.

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We provide tailor made services so the list is not exhaustive. Some examples of frequently requested services:

Team Coaching. Seminars.

– Introduction to psychosocial risks.

– Stress management.

– Burnout prevention.

– Bullying prevention.

– Suicide prevention in the workplace.

– Managing intercultural conflicts.

– Communication skills.

– Managing difficult behaviour.

– Developing Emotional Intelligence.


Individual or Team Coaching.

We will assist you in defining and attaining your goals.


– Implementing policy of prevention and creating better working conditions.

– Risk evaluation.

– Team Coaching.

– Individual Coaching.

 We provide manuals, training materials tailored to needs of your organisation.

We offer face to face, by telephone, video conference training and coaching sessions.

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