POLICE  SHIELD COACHING

Police officers are often treated with the same hostility and ignorance as soldiers “the baby-killers”. Interestingly enough, the same individual who is talking about “cops” disrespectfully, will expect a police officer to risk life when his bike is stolen…The rigidity of management style, taboos and exhausting life style contribute to burnout; While at work you are obliged  to suppress your feelings and to stay polite and calm in the most extreme circumstances, your family complains that you are unemotional…Juggling the expectations and demands coming from the workplace and home can be tiring and confusing by itself, and if you add to that a hectic schedule, your health will suffer. Many police workers are fed up with adrenaline ups and downs, when from a dangerous task you are being delegated to deal with boring red tape.

Coaching is based on respect, trust and confidentiality. What coaching has to offer is the equality in the relationship. Coaching will not give you ready answers but it will bring pertinent questions. Coach will accompany you in attending your own needs for development, stress management, and facilitate the internal dialogue.

Coaching can be helpful if:

– You’d like to know more about stress and burnout, learn more about your unique stress  profile. You’d like to prepare your own strategy in order to stay healthy and to prevent   burnout.

– You need to separate order from disorder, to clear your mind and to regain focus, to make  peace with yourself.

– You have tendency to suppress negative emotions (let the immune system suffer…) and you would like to consider other coping strategies.

– You feel you need to determine ways of reconciling your family and professional life. You’d like to find a balanced solution.

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