What is Coaching ?

Coaching can be described as a process, as a form of partnership and as a form of personalized support. A process, because Coaching is about gradual changes that lead to a particular result, the interdependent procedures which are linked and goal oriented. A form of partnership, because coaching relationship is based on equality, trust and respect. You opt for a business partnership to develop your activity, increase opportunities, and share the workload. You form an alliance with a coach if you need a trusted partner in your quest for personal development, if you are ready to reach for a goal. Only you can decide which business partner is right for you, choosing a coach is an equally important decision. Every partnership requires trust and both partners must share the same goals…
Coaching goals.
If we underline that Coaching is not a medical treatment, therapy or counselling is to help you clarify your needs and your goals.
Coaching is not a medical treatment: Coaching will not replace treatment; coach will not offer medical advice or prescription drugs.
Coaching is not therapy: Coaching is not a treatment of mental or psychological disorders. Coaching is not a treatment options for mental health problems.
Coaching is not counselling: A counsellor will offer advice, opinion and instruction to direct your conduct. A coach will ask pertinent questions, facilitate your internal dialogue, empower and encourage you to be honest with yourself and to make your own decisions.
Coaching is not consulting   : A consultant brings his expertise, evaluates your problem and proposes a solution. Coach offers empathy, unconditional support while you decide how to solve a problem. Consulting gives you a ready action plan; coaching strengthens your autonomy while you design your own strategy.

Is Shield Coaching right for me?
We specialize in coaching people who have high stress jobs, survivors of traumatic events who have bounced back and re-gained control over their lives, champions who overcome disability,  ”targets” of bullying who refused to be victims. Our clients, all have one thing in common: they don’t give up; they are in a quest for personal and professional development.  While some coaching companies pride themselves on working with wealthy and famous clients, we are proud to work with heroes and warriors from all walks of life.
We inspire our clients and we are inspired by our clients. You are our VIPs.
We work with bosses who genuinely care about their employees, and who create a positive work environment because they want to and not because they have to. We are coaching leaders who turned around their companies, managers who want to motivate workers, executives who know that you can’t “forbide”burnout but you can prevent burnout.
Our focus is on human values, empathy, your growth potential and your well-being.

COACHING  PROCESS HOW DOES IT WORK                                                               
“He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone”.
                                    O-non-dowa-gah. The Seneca Nation.

Obligation free first meeting.

Before you grab the phone to call a coach, get informed. Read carefully information on coach’s website; think about the reasons why you are interested in coaching, why you chose this particular company or style of coaching. If you are considering the possibility of forming a professional alliance you will be prepared to ask questions and to answer your potential partner’s questions. First coaching session is even more complex than “vetting” partners for business alliances; it’s about establishing trust and it’s the first step in clarifying your needs and setting realistic goals. Coaching relationship will not work without commitment. Both you and your coach must feel willing to enter the coaching process and ready to work together towards a common goal.

Coaching Agreement.

Coaching Agreement sets the ethical frame, allows to structure coaching relationship and contains a mutual non-disclosure clause. Like every contract Coaching Agreement deals with offer, acceptance and mutuality of obligation. Mutuality of obligation also called the “meeting of minds” (this definition serves coaching purpose adequately) refers to the relationship between the coach and the client. By signing the agreement both parties agree to enter into a confidential relationship and to cooperate in a spirit of mutual understanding, respect and fairness.

Coaching : Side effects?

If you are learning a foreign language or a new skill, you are still “in training” between the lessons. No matter if your homework consists of spelling exercises or grammar practice tests, if you are truly involved in the learning process, you’ll do even more by learning some new words, indulging in reading foreign language books. If passionate about the learning process, you will be rewarded with enrichment of vocabulary, greater oral comprehension skills. You may scream for joy and shout “Eureka!” when you come to sudden realisation that you actually understand a song, a movie or news in foreign language…
Coaching means learning about yourself, developing skills, changing your behaviour, moving towards personal and professional growth. The process of coaching is not interrupted when your session is over; Coaching facilitates meaningful internal dialogue: you will hear yourself better, you‘ll become more honest with yourself. If you are truly involved in the process, Coaching can have astonishing “side effects”: you may realize that your body just won’t forget about the vitamin cocktail your doctor suggested 3 years ago, you may re-think your relationship with others, you could discover the real source of your anger, come to conclusion that you have never allowed yourself to grieve after a loss…
While you are cooperating with your coach and moving towards a precise goal, your body can send you “I’m glad you’ve finally noticed” message and you mind can request sensory relaxation and “pampering time”.